Helicopter crashes en route to oil rig

A helicopter that was carrying offshore personnel for India’s state-run Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) crashed into the Arabian Sea on June 28th on its final approach to the rig Sagar Kiran (IMO 8762549), killing four people. The helicopter had a total of nine people on board, including two pilots (who survived). The helicopter made an emergency landing at around 11:45 local time when it was about 1nm away from the Sagar Kiran.

An SAR operation was coordinated by the MRCC Mumbai. One person was rescued by a life boat launched by the rig, while four others were rescued by offshore ship Malviya 16.

Four victims were recovered unconscious by a Navy helicopter and taken to a shoreside hospital, but were pronounced dead on arrival.

The helicopter was operated by the government-owned Pawan Hans.