Dozens of cattle reported dead during disembarkation in Eilat

Israeli media reported that dozens of cattle died as a result of hot and crowded conditions while the livestock were being disembarked from livestock carrier Maysora (IMO 8310542)

The Maysora, which was carrying 20,000 cattle and sheep, arrived in Eilat on the morning of June 7th. Reportedly, workers began disembarking the animals from the ship on the Friday night, but did not finish the operation for five days.

The Israeli Agricultural Ministry is reported to have determined that 34 calves died on board and 30 died after disembarking.

Australian professional veterinarian organization Vets Against Live Export said in a blog that “if that is not bad enough, the footage of the unloading in temperatures that killed people that week was nothing short of appalling, with electric prodding and stomping of down animals”.

For several weeks the offloading of livestock at Israel’s Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat ports has been delayed, and Israel Against Live Shipments and Israel Animal Save have documented what they considered to be “shocking conditions” with cattle covered in faeces and some showing signs of respiratory distress.

There had been delays of 30 to 72 hours before they have been unloaded. This was because the Ministry of Agriculture had issued a release prohibiting the offloading on Sabbaths and holidays and has indicated that it will only receive live animal shipments during regular work hours.

In May 2018, 60 Israeli Rabbis called for an end to live shipments to the nation, saying it was “neither the way of the Torah nor of human morality to allow such cruelty to animals.” Times of Israel reported that 685,000 calves and lambs were shipped to Israel in 2018, up from around 500,000 in 2017.

Australia’s industry has agreed not to ship sheep during Australia’s winter months. The Maysora left Australia late in Australia’s Autumn, she arrived in Israel in June.

1989-built, Bahamas-flagged, 33,400 gt Maysora is owned by Blue Ice Shipping care of manager Arab Ship management Ltd (ASM) of Amman, Jordan. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Blue Ice Shipping Corp.