Cruise lines reacting to coronavirus

When the SARS virus broke out in the early 2000s, Asia-Pacific cruise operators were quick to move ships. Cruise Industry News said that the same scenario might be about to play out as a number of brands operating in the Chinese market were reacting to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China.

Astro Ocean Cruises said that it was offering full refunds to any passengers that had a fever or had been diagnosed with the virus. In addition, for groups departing from Wuhan, where the virus originated in humans and where most cases so far had been concentrated, refunds would be provided if guests were unable join the trip due to “pneumonia-related management measures.”

Astro also said that medical personnel who were unable to travel would also be eligible for refunds or would have the option to change their sailing to a future date. Costa Cruises also issued a statement, saying that it was working with port authorities to strengthen passenger-screening procedures for guests who might have a fever. Costa said that it was modifying cruise policies to allow for full refunds for guests who have the virus or who have a fever; as well as any guest from the Wuhan area; Medical staff in Wuhan who cannot travel due to work commitments will also be eligible for a refund.