Correspondents warn on security measures in Dakar to stop stowaways

Steamship has told members that Club Correspondents Budd have reported that the Dakar Authorities have reminded vessels of the required security measures concerning watchmen and access that must be followed when vessels are in port.

The managing Director of the Port of Dakar said that that the fight against illegal emigration was not being properly applied by some port users.

It reminded that that the following security measures concerning watchmen and access to vessels in the port applied at all times:

·       1. For vessels at berth:

Four watchmen should be deployed as follows:

Two at the gangway of the vessel;

One at the bow of the vessel;

One at the stern of the vessel.

·       2. Access to vessels:

All personnel boarding and disembarking from vessels had to be identified and counted; This information should be logged.

The MD further noted that some security companies had not fully respected the security measures listed above, adding that “any failure to meet the above requirements will be sanctioned, in accordance with current legislation”.

Budd Dakar reported that, in recent years, permission to disembark stowaways who boarded in Senegal had usually been granted and this was still the case. However, the correspondent said that it was now even more important that the vessel be able to demonstrate that the security regulations were strictly applied.

Budd said that vessels which had not fully complied with the security measures and then found stowaways from Senegal on board were likely to face longer delays and heavier sanctions, including large fines, from the authorities than vessels which met the security regulations but nevertheless need to disembark stowaways from Senegal.

Budd in Dakar recommended that vessels calling in Dakar ensure that they had received the latest updates from their agents before berthing. To obtain clearance to sail from the Harbour Master, vessels needed to present a stowaway search certificate.

The situation remains unaltered where “imported stowaways” as they are known in Dakar are concerned. Authorization is never given for the disembarkation of stowaways who did not board the vessel in Senegal.