ClassNK releases guidelines for use of alternative fuels

ClassNK has released “Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels” as part of its support of measures for GHG emissions reduction.

They are updates with safety requirements for ships using ammonia as fuel on the previously issued “Guidelines for Ships Using Low-Flashpoint Fuels” covering LPG/Methanol/Ethanol. The new publication provides comprehensive information on requirements for alternative fuel ships.

ClassNK noted that ammonia had captured attention as a zero carbon fuel. However ammonia is toxic to humans and corrosive to materials. Specific international standards for the use of ammonia as a marine fuel have not yet been established. ClassNK has described the requirements for installation, controls, and safety devices of an ammonia fuelled ship to minimizing risks for the ship, crew, and the environment, and added it to the guidelines.

In addition, ClassNK has revised the existing “LNG-Ready” notation to “Alternative Fuel Ready”, and outlined the requirements for the new notation indicating that a ship is designed and partially equipped for future use of alternative fuels.