Cargo vessel movement hampered at Baghabari Port

Movement of cargo vessels at Baghabari port, Bangladesh has been seriously hampered for more than a week due to poor navigability in the Jamuna river. More than 30 vessels, including seven fuel-laden ones, remained stranded at different major points of the river. Due to the poor navigability, vessel movement at Char Shibaloy, Char Safuria, Char Rafsha, New-Vatiapara, Koitola, Awalbandh, Nakalia, Panchakola, Char-Panchakola, Maladapara, Mohonganj, Andharmanik, Dhulchar, Mollar Char and Ramkrishnapur points of the river have been seriously disrupted. Although this is a common scenario at this time of year, this year the situation is more critical.

Assistant Director of Bagahbari port Sazzadur Rahman said that movement of fertilizer and fuel-laden vessels at Baghabari port remained stopped since last Saturday, adding that at least 30 cargo vessels had become stuck at Nagarbari point of the river in the last couple of days. AKM Jahid Sarwar, deputy manager of Jamuna Oil depot at Baghabari port, said a couple of fuel-laden vessels remained stranded at the Nagarbari point of the river.

If the situation continues, supply of diesel and other fuel from Sirajganj’s Baghabari depot might come to a halt as the depot has a capacity to stock fuel for only 15 days.