Canola-laden vessel stranded outside China amid trade dispute

The Amazon, laden with Canadian canola, has been travelling back and forth in the waters around Xiamen port for four weeks after leaving Vancouver on May 7th, reports Bloomberg, according to Bloomberg shipping data. Chinese authorities have repeatedly carried out quality inspections on the cargo, said Bloomberg, citing an unnamed person familiar with the situation.

Canada has been embroiled in a trade dispute with China ever since it arrested Huawei Technologies Co Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou last year, at the request of US authorities.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he believed that canola was being used as a pawn in the trade war.  China revoked the import licenses of two canola exporters, detained two Canadians, and held soybean shipments at ports for inspections.

China’s imports of Canadian canola, used to make cooking oil for popular spicy Shichuan food, slumped almost 70% in May from a year earlier as companies cut purchases.