Brick pier collapses in Bremerhaven

Part of the brick north pier to the Geeste entrance in Bremerhaven, on which the historic pier tower is also located, collapsed at low tide at 01:00 on August 21st.

The quay, which has been in a dilapidated condition for some time, had been closed for several years. A new building was being planned in connection with the relocation of the pier to the north.

Port manager Bremenports is responsible for the pier, while the user of the tower is the Waterways and Shipping Authority (WSA), which has meanwhile switched off the mole lights,

Experts from Bremenports were currently on site to inspect the pier and the tower, which is a listed building. All ship operations in the approach area of the Geeste estuary were temporarily discontinued. The Weser ferry to Nordenham- Blexen had to stop operating.

The WSA has withdrawn a significant percentage of its ships from the Geeste-port-area. Access to the fishing port of Bremerhaven was blocked; neither commercial shipping nor leisure boats could leave the fishing port.

Shipping traffic on the Weser was warned to use extreme caution and to travel very slowly when crossing the Geeste estuary.

The 15-metre high brick building was built in 1914 at the end of the north mole, it became a listed building in 2001 and is one of Bremerhaven’s landmarks.

The footpath to the tower has been closed for around 10 years because the pile construction – on which the masonry stands – was dilapidated.

Redevelopment has been discussed for a long time, but none of the proposed solutions had yet been implemented.