Assn of Average Adjusters names new chairman

The Association of Average Adjusters has named Michiel Starmans, director of the legal department at Amsterdam-based Spliethoff Group, as its new chairman. The appointment will run for 12 months from May 2020. Burkhard Fischer of Albatross Adjusters, Limassol has agreed to continue as vice-chairman.

The Association said that specific issues likely to confront average adjusters in the near future was the impact of Marpol Annex VI regulations, which from January 2020 reduced the global limit of sulphur content in bunker fuels on board ships from 3.5% to 0.5% (with tighter restrictions in designated emission control areas).

The Association said that it remained to be seen what consequences these new environmental regulations might have, but Starmans said that it was “not unthinkable that this might lead to an increase or a new type of engine damage with engines that were designed and built to burn high sulphur fuels”, adding that there would be “new challenges for adjusters to deal with claims for excess costs of running the engines on low sulphur fuel after a scrubber breaks down and is awaiting repairs”.