Anglo-Eastern says issues with Indian licence have been resolved

Hong Kong-based ship manager Anglo-Eastern has said that the issues regarding a potential ban on the company’s recruitment placement and service licence (RPSL) in India had now been resolved.

This June India’s Directorate General of Shipping announced that it would be suspending Angol-Eastern’s RPSL for three years because of a long-running case involving the death of a chief engineer on one of the company’s managed bulk carriers.

Anglo-Eastern has more than 20,000 Indian seafarers on its books. It insisted from the beginning that the death of the seafarer was the result of natural causes.

Following a detailed review by the principal officer of the Mercantile Marine Department in Mumbai, the proposed licence suspension was quickly put on hold. After an appeal process, the potential ban hovering above the ship manager has now been rescinded and the company is free to carry on with its operations as usual, Anglo-Eastern said.

Anglo-Eastern said in a LinkedIn post on Tuesday August 8th that “[the] earlier incident concerning our Indian Recruitment and Placement Services Licence has been favourably concluded, following a comprehensive review and investigation into the matter by the Principal Officer of the Mercantile Marine Department, who is the First Appellate Authority in such cases”.