Amlin Marine NV adapts marine wording for Covid-19 era

Netherlands-based Amlin Marine NV has published its new Shipowners P&I and Marine Liability Wording for Charterers. Amlin Marine said that “as in previous reviews our focus has been on further clarifying existing terms as well as improving the cover offered to our Assureds”.

The insurer said that this year’s amendments had been driven by the emergence of Covid-19 and by the requirements of the reinsurance market. This resulted in the introduction of a Coronavirus limitation. In the 2021 wording Amlin Marine covers various Covid-19 related claims up to a sublimit of $10m. However, this sublimit does not apply when the insurer is required to provide cover under a Blue Card or similar guarantee such as the MLC Certificate.

Elsewhere, Amlin Marine said that it had improved its fines clause, and there had been some minor amendments in the numbering of clauses.