Gun Theft A Concern In Memphis

Gun theft at cargo shipping companies in Memphis, Tennessee is a matter of increasing concern, according to Marcos Bess of the Memphis Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Field Office. “They are stealing them for profit, stealing them to sell them,” said Bess.

A pattern of problems were discovered at Con-Way Freight’s division. In March 2013 a stolen Remington .308 calibre rifle traced back to a man who worked at Conway’s Humboldt Plant. More than a year later a mis-delivered pallet of Colt 45 handguns shipped through Con-Way finally reached their correct destination, but many of the guns were missing. In August 2014 at the Con-Way in South Memphis, pallets with assorted firearms were broken into while nearly 100 employees worked on the loading dock.

ATF gets involved only when stolen guns are reported missing or they are traced back to a crime, according to local news source WREG.